This wikia has rules Please obey them! They can result in a ban if broken.


  • No being rude: This can include simple statements such as "Shut up" or even unwanted personal jokes including “Your mom” Jokes. Ban time: 1 day
  • No spam: This includes inappropriate links to other off-topic pages and also posts for the sake of posts such as “I HATE YOU LOLOLOLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLLOLOLOLOLOLOLLOLOLOLOLOL”. Ban time: 1 day
  • No dirty pictures: This is sexual content and is banned by the wikia’s terms of service. Ban time: 3 days to Infinite.
  • Have a good time: Have fun.
  • No begging for powers: Admin powers, Rollback excreta. Ban time: 1 week to Infinite.
  • If you’re an admin don’t ban people without good reason. Ban time: 1 month and stripped of powers.
  • No deleting things:Ban time 4 hours to infinite (If serious)
  • Administrators and moderators must talk things through before making major decisions:Ban time: 24 hours to a week