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Welcome to Pokecraft wikia: A combonation of minecraft and pokemon fanon. Make your own sprites and stories.Make your own games Creeper ect. Im henry and any bans WILL BE SERIOUS. aNYWAYS HAVE FUN
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Welcome to pokecraft wikia. Nintendo has has a present for you . ...........

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Obey these rules if not there will be consequences including bans!!!!!!!!!!!

Wikia rules:

  • No being rude
  • No spam
  • No dirty pictures
  • Have a good time
  • No begging for powers
  • If your an admin Dont ban people for no reeson
  • No your mom jokes
  • no deleting things!
  • ADMIN RULE: admin's must talk things through before making major decisions
  • No sexual content
  • you may comment without logging in
  • no constantly asking to be admin. there has to be a reason, and other admins have to decide.

Chat rules:

  • No giving out personal information
  • No sexual content

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