Female creeper


 Female creepers are the female equivalant of a Creeper.

What do they do? What can they do?Edit

Female creepers are the same as male creepers but they are pink and when they shout they say SSSSHHHHH. Female creepers crawl On there 5 legs and Cant be caught in anything but a Minecraft Ball. They cant eat stuff out of the garbage can,though. They chase the crap out of you and their main weapon is to give you a baby creeper to distract you while their driving a knife through your neck. They are very silent, and can sometimes turn invisible. You have to have snowballs with you to uncover them. When they kill you, they sing Justin Beiber so your brain and ears explode. When you are dead, they urinate on your corpse and beat you with a hammer until you are a delicious soup.


  • They eat dead birds
  • They hate Male creepers
  • trololololollolololololollolol
  • They hate good music
  • When they explode they go "SSSSSSSHHHHHHH BANG"
  • They are very cute
  • They are basiclly saying shut up before they explode all over you
  • They eat dirt and bathe in dead birds. There is also evidence that they are hippies.
Nate's female creeper